When it Pours, it Reigns 
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Heated Snow Mats

(cost less than an ambulance ride & 1 day in the hospital)

No slipping No shoveling
No salting

Safer Walkways – instantly!

Whether you are 1 year old or 101 years old, no one wants to fall down and get hurt. These heated mats keep your sidewalk free of snow & ice before you or your snow service even begin the snow cleanup. The heated mats are the solution for slip prevention. They continuously melt snow and ice keeping surfaces constantly clear and safe. In addition, the heated mats are designed with a continuous, rugged chevron pattern to provide extra traction.

Cleaner –
No salty mess

The heated mats are a better alternative than common ice melt salt products. Salted entranceways lead to messy floors indoors as foot traffic tracks it inside. In addition, the heated mats help preserve sidewalks, as salt will eat away at walkways over time. Besides, salt takes time and heated mats instantly melts the snow on contact.


The engineers at Heat Trak, LLC have taken great care to develop a durable, safe and effective snow and ice melting system. The products are made of an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber, making them as durable as automobile tires and allowing them to endure harsh wear. All the products plug directly into any standard 120V or 240V outlet using its own equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI).

PRICING & ORDERING No Expensive Installations

There’s no need for expensive installation. The heat mats are portable, designed to lie on top of existing surfaces. Place the mat over existing entranceways, stairs, walkways, loading docks, handicap ramps, rooftops, and many other surfaces, to provide a clean and safe passageway for foot or wheelchair access. These heated mats are designed to be left out the entire winter season.

Heat Trak, LLC is the world’s premier manufacturer of outdoor heated matting products. The company’s products are an efficient and convenient way to eliminate snow and ice accumulation around your home or facility.




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